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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome Golf Enthusiasts! 

Wagolf Canada is here to solve every golfer’s common pain of picking up goal balls at the range after each swing. Golf practice requires practicing the right way consistently, and we are introducing Gravity Caddy, also known as G-Caddy.

Gravity Caddy is an automatic golf ball dispenser that requires no electricity, no batteries, nor any external power source. It is fully engineered and designed from South Korea. 

Gravity Caddy first began in 2014 with a wooden prototype, it took the founders years of research and development to bring the product alive. It also went through a crowdfunding on Kickstarter accomplishing 467% of its goal in 2021, and Official Support Ministry of SMEs & STARTUPs Korea was provided in 2022.

As of 2023, Wagolf Korea kicked off its official launch in North America with Wagolf Canada (Official Distributor of Canada).

We look forward to enhancing your golf practice experience and elevating your golf life.  Practice anytime, anywhere with Premium Automatic Golf Ball Dispenser, GRAVITY CADDY.

Say no to your back pain and stop constantly adjusting your address position… just get yourself a Gravity Caddy!