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How does it work?

Through a non-electric and fully gravity-powered automatic mechanism, Gravity Caddy helps you to always have a golf ball ready to be swung at without any effort involved.

Using no electricity, requiring no batteries whatsoever and exclusively using the power of gravity, Gravity Caddy senses the weight difference between the moments a golf ball is on the tee and when it’s no longer there. 

The weight difference is what triggers Gravity Caddy’s sea-saw mechanism to instantly dispense another ball so you can just keep swinging, practicing and improving your golf shots! 

Easy Operation

Follow these simple steps and you're all set!

The Delivery Arm and Link Box are assembled very easily. Plug & Play!

Place a Mat around it.

The automatic seesaw mechanism activates when an operator pulls down the Delivery Arm.

All done! When a golf ball is hit off the tee or moved away from it, the Delivery Arm will automatically dispense.