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Why Gravity Caddy?

Whether you're practicing to improve your swing, reduce your handicap, play with your family, or just trying to relieve a little stress after work, Gravity Caddy is the perfect addition to your golf game.

why gravity caddy?

Practice anytime, anywhere

An easy to set up Gravity Powered Golf Ball Dispenser that saves you back pain and course fees so you can practice anytime, anywhere! 

1. Driving Range

Stay focused on your swing.

2. House

Turn your backyard into a driving range.

3. Entertainment

Take a golf range with you.

Why gravity caddy?

Exclusive Training Aids

Operated by Gravity Caddy's patented Seesaw Movement Mechanism

why gravity caddy?

Pain-free Practice

no need to bend over

Gravity Caddy senses the weight difference between the moments when a golf ball is on the tee and when it’s no longer there, and automatically supplies the ball without bending over and setting the ball again.

Stay focused on your swing

The weight difference is what triggers Gravity Caddy’s sea-saw mechanism to instantly dispense another ball so you can just keep swinging, practicing and improving your golf shots.

no more scattered balls

Through a non-electric and fully gravity-powered automatic mechanism, Gravity Caddy helps you to always have a golf ball ready to be swung at without any effort involved.

why gravity caddy?

Easy operation

Easy setup & Automatic operation without battery, electricity and maintenance

Q&A on Gravity Caddy